How to Plant Started Pansies


Pansies are one of the first flowers of spring, and they come in many different colors and varieties. They are often started from seed, several weeks before the last frost. Seedlings that have already been started can also be purchased from a garden center or nursery. Once you have your pansies, whether started from seed yourself or purchased as a plant, the next step is transplanting them into their permanent location.

Step 1

Plant your started pansies when they have between six and eight true leaves, and after the last hard frost for your gardening area. Pansies can sometimes tolerate a light frost, if one happens to come unexpectedly.

Step 2

Select a location for your pansies that has well-drained soil and is in partial shade.

Step 3

Work the soil where you will be planting your pansies by loosening it with a hoe or shovel. Add fertilizer to the soil at this point, and when you purchase your fertilizer select one that is formulated for flowering plants. Follow directions on your fertilizer package for specific instructions regarding amounts to use

Step 4

Put your pansy plants into the soil at the same depth of the pot you took them out of. Leave 6 inches of space between pansy plants, and tamp the dirt down securely around the root ball when you put them in the ground.

Step 5

Thoroughly water your pansy plants and cover the soil around the roots with mulch, such as wood chips or leaves. The mulch will help keep moisture in the soil

Step 6

Water weekly with a thorough watering, and fertilize your pansies once a month.

Things You'll Need

  • Pansy seedlings
  • Hoe or shovel
  • Flower fertilizer
  • Mulch
  • Water


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