What Are the Advantages of Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers?

When it comes to mowing your grass, you'll discover several types of mowers. For small yards, a push mower is sufficient. For larger properties, more than a half-acre, you'd do better to use a riding mower, such as a lawn tractor. However, for extra-arge properties, or properties with many obstacles such as trees, buildings, beds and so on, a riding mower equipped with zero-turn radius technology has the most advantages.

Saves Time

Zero-turn radius mowers are able to spin in a 360-degree circle while cutting grass, without leaving patches of grass uncut. They are also able to get closer to objects such as walls, fences and trees. Therefore, time needed to go back and trim uncut areas is greatly reduced. Some users report decreasing their mowing time by 50 percent by using a zero-turn radius mower.

Engine Placement

Zero-turn radius mowers have rear-mounted engines. This positioning is preferable because exhaust fumes are blown away from the user, as compared with other mowers where the driver is behind the engine. Rear-mounted engines also create better traction for the rear tires and increase visibility for the user.


Zero-turn radius mowers move significantly faster than lawn tractors. In addition, the blades spin twice as fast as those of other mowers. Therefore, even when traveling at high speeds, the blades will still leave a professional-looking cut.


Typical zero-turn radius steering and acceleration takes place through the steering levers, or tillers. A slight push forward on one tiller will turn the mower. Pushing both tillers forward increases the mower's speed. Pulling back on the tillers puts the mower into reverse. Some zero-turn radius mowers employ one small lever--almost like a joystick--that steers and controls the speed. One hand is all it takes to operate a zero-turn radius mower. But if it's a good old-fashioned steering wheel you enjoy, don't worry---the newest zero-turn radius mowers are now available with steering wheels.

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