Residential Landscaping Ideas

You do not have to spend lots of money to redo your residential landscape to remove its dull and dreary appearance. With some creative ideas and a few inexpensive tools and materials in hand, set the bar for residential landscapes so your house stands out on the block. A simple rock garden, a decorative pathway leading from your gate to your front door or trailing vines looped around rails enhance the appearance of your house.

Flowerbeds and Borders

Enhance the appeal of a dull square or rectangular lawn with flowerbeds. Stack two to three rows of landscape blocks in your desired shape and size to create a raised flowerbed, or dig a narrow trench in the ground and lower blocks or edging material into them. Also border trees or bushes with raised beds to add interest to your lawn. Depending on the size of the flowerbed, plant two or more rows of same-color flowers for a dramatic and colorful effect, or ornamental grasses for a splash of color.

Rock Garden

A rock garden, as its name suggests, is a mixture of rocks and foliage over a well drained spot. Create your own low-maintenance rock garden over an unusable spot in your yard. Design it on paper prior to assembly to make necessary amendments. Use a mix of light colored rocks and dark foliage to create focal points that draw attention. Include low-growing, compact, bush varieties of plants such as perennials. Plants such as Carpet Bugle, Snowcap and Mountain Alyssum have bright and colorful blooms and different textures. Plan the rock garden on a slope so water runs off easily, or terrace a flat area with boulders to help water run off, thus preventing waterlogged soil.

Container Garden

Use containers of various shapes and sizes to add plants to different areas of your landscape. Fill them with good quality potting soil that is light, porous and drains well. Group plants with the same sunlight and water requirements together in one container. Keep in mind that some plants such as mint are aggressive growers and require their own pots. Install hanging baskets outside your porch, railing or on tall branches and grow trailing plants in them to extend the scope of your landscape design.


Add a small water fountain to your front yard to enhance curb appeal and provide endless hours of relaxation and tranquility. Decorate your fountain by surrounding it with several small potted plants.

Decorative Touches

Hang glass, plastic, metal or wooden chimes near your front porch to greet visitors with inviting, melodic tunes. Add animal statues available in nurseries or garden supply centers strategically to personalize and beautify your landscape. Also place benches under trees, near your water feature or in a corner of your lawn to provide a relaxing spot amidst nature.

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