How to Transplant Blackberries


Some gardeners obtain blackberry plants for transplanting by rooting suckers from existing plants or by rooting the tips of canes, bending them down and covering them with soil to stimulate rooting. Transplanting plants grown in this manner carries the risk of transferring diseases into the garden, and many gardeners prefer to purchase certified disease-free plants. Blackberries grow wild in many areas, producing a dense thicket of brambles. Yearly pruning to remove dead canes will greatly improve the appearance in the landscape.

Step 1

Select a site in full sun to partial shade with good drainage. Choose a site that has not grown strawberries or other caneberries, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant or peppers in the past three years.

Step 2

Improve the site by tilling in two to three bushels of composted organic matter per 100 square feet of bed. Create raised beds if drainage is a problem.

Step 3

Dig a hole large enough for the roots. Spread the roots in the hole and cover with soil. Set the plant at the same depth that it was previously growing and firm the soil around the roots. Water the plants enough to settle the soil.

Step 4

Prune the blackberries back to 6 inches after planting, if this was not done at the nursery.

Step 5

Water the plants, providing about 1 inch of water per week during the summer months.

Things You'll Need

  • Tiller
  • Shovel
  • Organic compost
  • Blackberry plants


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