Landscaping Block Ideas

Landscaping blocks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and styles, from blocks or bricks made from real stone to pebbled concrete. They offer a homeowner an opportunity to create a stylish wall, raised flowerbed or pathway in his or her house. With so much variety available, you can easily find a type to fit your individual taste and home style. Make sure you provide a level foundation for the blocks prior to installation.

Raised Planters

Use landscaping blocks in your garden to create raised planters, give it character, and add a rustic feel. Determine the size, shape and width of the planter. Clear the selected spot of weeds, stones and plant debris and discard appropriately. Dry stack three to four rows of landscaping blocks on top of each other in your desired shape. Stack a layer of old brick pavers in front of the blocks to add color and a rustic appearance. Add dirt in and behind the blocks to grow flowers, grasses or trailing plants inside. Let plants trail over the front and side to cover the blocks with greenery and soften their appearance.


Create walls with landscaping blocks to add height variety, enhance privacy in a particular spot, or demarcate a portion of your backyard or garden. Dig a 6- to 8-inch trench along the area you want to build your wall and level its base with the back of a shovel. Pour a 2- to 4-inch layer of gravel to improve drainage, and level its surface. Stack rows of landscaping blocks over the gravel until your desired height. Keep in mind that the blocks are heavy and don't usually require mortar or cement to hold them in place, but layer the base of each block with mortar prior to stacking it if building a high wall, or using it to demarcate your property.

Borders and Edging

Add intricate detail to your lawn by using landscaping blocks as attractive borders or edging around bushes or trees, or to separate the lawn from a walkway or path. Determine the height and width of the blocks to dig a trench up to 3 inches shorter. Spread a 1-inch layer of gravel into the trench and insert blocks on their narrow edge, or diagonally, so only the top 2 inches are visible.


Use landscaping blocks to create a walkway from your lawn to the entrance of your house, or from one side of your lawn to another. Remove any old walkway and clear the site of vegetation or debris. Level the ground and add up to 2 inches of sand to hold the blocks in place. Gently push blocks into the sand, forming parallel rows flush against each other to completely cover the area, or use individual round blocks spaced equally apart.

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