Ideas for Landscaping With a Bamboo Garden Fountain

Bamboo garden fountains add a soothing touch to any landscape. The soft trickle of the water seems to quietly center the space. Continue the Zen feeling with landscaping ideas designed to be beautifully serene. Flowering trees, sculptured shrubs and stones placed with an emphasis on visual appeal contribute to the overall landscaping design in a Japanese-style lawn or garden.

Landscaping the Lawn

Include other Japanese-inspired touches as you landscape a lawn with a bamboo garden fountain. Weeping cherry trees planted on either side of a medium-to-large bamboo fountain create a visual focal point on your property. Weeping cherry trees are ornamentals filled with blossoms in the spring. The draping limbs are graceful, even when they are bare during the winter season. Other ornamental trees that go well with a bamboo garden fountain include Japanese maple, Japanese lilac and royal poinciana. Each of these ornamental trees offer blooms at various times of the year. The royal poinciana grows naturally in the shape of a bonsai tree, with widespread limbs at the top of a slender trunk.

Landscaping a Flower Bed

Place a small bamboo garden fountain in a flower bed surrounded by a bed of white landscape stones. A bamboo fountain offers an air of serenity to the space, so keep the flower bed tidy by planting flowers sparingly with wide spaces between each plant. The white landscaping stones will contribute to the clean, simple design. Asiatic lilies, tulips, poppies are a few of the flowers that will hold their own in a sparsely planted flower bed that includes a bamboo garden fountain. Place a single boulder or a small grouping of medium-sized stones in another part of the flower bed to offset the bamboo fountain.

Border Landscaping

Include a bamboo garden fountain as part of the border landscape for the foundation of your home or along a garden fence line. Flowering shrubs such as azaleas, hydrangea and camellia add color to the border design and work well with a bamboo fountain. Place a large bamboo fountain in the center of the border strip, or place two large bamboo fountains on either end of the border strip. As with landscaping a flower bed, keep the area tidy to the point of being sculptured. Look at the border landscaping as if it were a work of art; prune dwarf ornamental shrubs, such as Hinoki cypress, to command attention along the border. Plant a row of Japanese plum shrubs on either side of a small bamboo garden fountain to soften the hard lines of the bamboo.

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