Properties of Citrus Fruits

Citrus trees are a tropical plant that thrive in warm, mild states such as California, Florida, Texas and Arizona. Citrus trees require deep, quality soil for thriving and do best when the soil's pH is between 6 and 8. If left in its natural state, the trees can grow in full sunlight. However, if the trees are pruned, exposing the trunk to the sun, then the tree must be painted to avoid sunburn.

Vitamin and Mineral Content

Citrus fruit contains vitamin C, which aids the body in fighting off disease such as the common cold or flu. Oranges also contain vitamin B1. This vitamin, also known as thiamine, helps the body convert blood sugar into energy and keeps the body's mucous membranes healthy. Another property of citrus fruit are its high potassium levels. In fact, a cup of orange juice contains more potassium than a banana. Finally, citrus fruit is high in folic acid, which protects fetuses from neural tube defects and provides adults with antioxidants.


Citrus fruit contains a substance known as citric acid. Citric acid is used for many things including soft drinks, laxatives and cathartics. When citric acid is dehydrated, it produces a salt known as citrate, which is used for making blueprint paper. Chefs also use the salt, referred to as sour salt in some recipes.


Citrus fruit produces two useful oils. Citrus essential oil is a powerful oil extracted from the fruit's peel sacks. It is used by the food industry as a flavor additive. Citrus essential oil, especially tangerine, is used by naturopathic people as a massage oil and for aromatherapy. D-Limonene, or monocyclic terpene is a highly acidic substance used as an industrial solvent.

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