Front Entrance Landscaping Ideas

A from entrance that is kept clean and landscaped speaks volumes about you as a gardener and homeowner. Creating a well-developed entry way is almost like building on another room to your home. It can extend from your front door to the driveway or be as simple as a small arbor with vines growing on it. There are numerous front entrance landscaping ideas available for the curious and creative homeowner.

Secret Wildlife Viewing Entryway

Plant fragrant, nectar rich vines, such as jasmine, honeysuckle or trumpet vines to attract humming birds, near the doorway. Two-way glass panels can be installed to certain areas of the entryway walls to aid in spying on wildlife. If feeders are hung closely to the viewing panels it will prevent birds from crashing into the glass but still give ample opportunity for watching them feed and interact. This set-up is especially nice for photographing birds and other wildlife up close. Consider creating a visual break up, so that birds do not fly into the window. Tinting can be applied or shutters/decals can also be installed to prevent this from happening. Add shallow water features with dripping water or misters as the sound of water draws wildlife in for better viewing.

Science Project

Add two-way glass paneled areas in the wall for birds to nest. Depending on the types of birds you wish to attract, certain insect attracting or nectar rich plants can be used around the area to help feed birds. It is a good idea to offer shade and plenty of water for the bird families. Try setting up easily accessible birdbaths and feeders close by. Children would really enjoy seeing baby birds hatch and grow into fully-feathered adults. Home-schooled kids can use this as a way to learn about nature. Science projects can be spread out over an entire nesting season while focusing on each aspect of avian parental care.

Rain Tunnel

Use transparent fiberglass panels to create a tunneled walkway. Being able to see and hear the pitter patter of raindrops can be both relaxing and exhilarating. For added sound, place rain chimes throughout the landscape. Extend the rain tunnel so that it is attached to a covered sitting area. You may decide to plant flowers and bushes such as moon vines, gardenias, barberry, American privet and catnip within easy viewing of the sitting area. This landscape idea not only acts as a neat way to view and enjoy a rainy day, but also it serves to protect people on their way from the car to the door. Nothing is worse than a sopping wet loaf of bread or soggy paper bags.

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