The Best Selling Varieties of Climbing Roses

If you have limited garden space, growing roses can be a challenge. Climbing roses offer a solution to space problems. Versatile and hardy, these roses can be trained to climb over just about anything and can be used to create a stunning visual display in even the smallest area. Whether supported by a trellis or rambling over a wall, climbing roses provide an eye-catching focal point for any garden.

Iceberg Roses

The climbing iceberg rose has elongated white buds that open into lovely double blossoms with a cluster of bright yellow stamens. It has a strong sweet fragrance. Iceberg roses blooms in early spring and its blossoms repeat throughout the growing season. Hardy for zones 4 through 9, its disease-resistant properties make it a popular choice for gardeners.

New Dawn Roses

This low maintenance but vigorous rose can attain a height of over 25 feet if carefully supported. The flowers are a pale pink and bloom in clusters early in the spring and periodically through the summer and have a sweet but unusual fragrance. Its glossy medium green foliage is disease resistant, making the rose easy to grow. These roses are hardy in zones 5 through 10.

Cecile Brunner Roses

This climbing cultivar can reach heights of well over 40 feet. Its large clusters of tiny pink blossoms carry a subtle spicy fragrance. While its main blooming period is in early spring, it will bloom occasionally throughout the growing season and well into fall. The medium green foliage is virtually thornless and must be well supported due to its prolific growth tendencies. Cecile Brunner roses are hardy from zones 5 through 9.

Blaze Roses

Blaze is an old-fashioned red rose and one of the best climbers. It produces large clusters of scarlet blossoms from early summer through fall. Its glossy bright green foliage is fairly disease resistant and grows rapidly, making it a good choice for those who need quick coverage for a difficult spot. Blaze will grow to a height of 20 feet and is hardy in zones 4 through 10.

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