Herbicides for Pumpkins

Pumpkins account for a large amount of America's annual farming revenue. In 2008 the total pumpkin production for the United States was $141 million. Pumpkins are a vining plant that does not complete well with weeds. That being the case, it is important to use the right herbicide for maintaining a weed-free pumpkin patch.

Poast Ultra

Poast Ultra has the active ingredient of sethoxydim. Proper dilutions include .15 kg. for every hectare. This herbicide should only be applied to actively growing grass and weeds. For the best penetration, Poast Ultra should be combined with the surfactant Merge.

Command 3ME

Command 3ME is a pre-treatment for grass and small-seeded weeds. It can be used for all processing pumpkins, except jack-o-lanterns. When using in a garden, apply at a rate of .66 pt. per acre of patch. For the best results, this spray should be used between anti-weed protective plastic layers.

Curbit 3E

Curbit 3E can be used for pre-treating grasses and broadleaf weeds. Curbit is a strong herbicide that can be absorbed into the roots of pumpkins and cause crop damage. To avoid this, only apply Curbit 3E to dry soils and avoid spraying before a heavy rain. This herbicide for pumpkins should never be incorporated into the soil, but rather lightly applied at a rate of 3 pints per acre to the soil between the rows of plastic mulch.

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