Staking Tomato Plants With Rebar


Why stake tomatoes? A stake keeps the tomato plant upright and its fruit off the ground, reducing the likelihood of disease, fruit rot and sunburn. You can use virtually any strong support to stake tomatoes. But rebar makes an exceptionally good choice for staking indeterminate tomato varieties, which bear fruit throughout the growing season and grow on a single main stem. It's relatively inexpensive, strong, and will last as long as your garden does.

Step 1

Place the rebar 3 or 4 inches away from the base of your tomato plant. Keep the tomatoes from becoming trapped between the plant and the stake by placing the stake on the side of the tomato plant opposite its first cluster of blooms.

Step 2

Hammer the stake approximately 1 foot into the soil, using a rubber mallet.

Step 3

Tie the main stem of determinate tomato plants--those that bear fruit once--to the rebar. Use clear nursery tape or any other soft, secure tie to loosely but securely tie or tape the main tomato stem to the rebar. Continue to secure the tomato plant along the rebar as it grows.

Things You'll Need

  • Mallet
  • Clear nursery tape


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