Fun Ideas to Decorate Garden Arbors

An arbor is a tall structure, usually more than 7 feet high, used to support plants or provide shade. The arbor may be made of wood, iron, plastic piping or simple plastic made to look like another material such as wood. It has at least two sides to support the overhead beam. Arbors may be small, with just two wooden posts and a cross beam. Others are more elaborate structures with four sides and a roof.


Attach strings of small holiday lights to the arbor before it's covered with plants. The lights will shine through in the evening. For an arbor that has several support beams attach a votive candle holder in several places on each supports. Hang candles in votives in wire cradles from the overhead beams. Battery operated lights work well for special occasions. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Blue lights add mystery. Yellow lights are cheery. Pink lights are playful. Solar powered lights will work if placed on the top of the arbor to collect the sun's rays during the daytime.


Decorate an arbor to reflect the holidays. Festoon the arbor with swags of evergreens and big red bows. Add snowflake-shaped lights for a "winter wonderland" look. Hang crystals from broken chandeliers or special ordered just for this purpose on clear glass strings of beads. Wrap the support posts with weatherproof ribbon in white and red to resemble candy canes. Glue two lunch-size paper plates together. Wrap the plates in red, yellow, pink and purple cellophane to resemble giant hard candies. Attach with ribbons to the arbor. Complete the "Candy Land" effect with a row of 3-foot-high decorative candy canes on each side of the arbor.

Children's Parties

Consider transforming the arbor into a fantasy creature for a children's party based on the arbor's shape. Sheets, fiberboard, cotton batting and paint change the arbor into a dragon or dinosaur. A long narrow arbor becomes a train with wheels and benches and a few train-related accessories. Add turrets, flags, bunting and a drawbridge and the arbor becomes a castle. Attach drapes to the top of the arbor with a rope to pull them back and the arbor is now a stage. Increase the illusion by creating a backdrop behind the arbor with lattice work, sheets and potted plants. Battery operated "stage" lights across the front of the arbor add to the effect.

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