How to Transplant Ficus Benjamina


Some gardeners know the beautiful ficus benjamina as weeping fig. Ficus benjamina is a fast-growing indoor tree that many gardeners grow with great success. If you allow your ficus benjamina to grow unrestrained, it will easily grow to fill whatever space it occupies. With trimming, you can keep it growing within reasonable parameters for a beautiful houseplant. When your ficus benjamina begins to show signs of overcrowding in its current growing container, transplant it to a larger pot to enable it to continue growing and thriving.

Step 1

Watch the ficus benjamina for signs that you need to transplant it. When new growth slows and the leaves stay smaller than the other leaves, this indicates the ficus benjamina needs a larger container. Transplant the weeping fig at the end of the winter or early spring while the plant is still dormant for best results.

Step 2

Spread the tarp beneath your work area to minimize mess.

Step 3

Fill the larger container approximately one-third full of new potting soil.

Step 4

Tap the sides of the current growing container to loosen the ficus from the container. Place the container onto its side carefully and roll it to loosen the plant. When the roots are loose inside the container, gently pull the tree up from the container to remove it.

Step 5

Place the ficus benjamina immediately into the new planting container, making sure the tree will be at the same depth as it was growing previously. Remove some of the potting soil or add more if you must to get the planting depth correct. Fill in additional potting soil around the edges of the container to finish planting, if necessary, tamping down the soil gently with your hands.

Step 6

Provide a generous watering for the ficus benjamina immediately after you finish transplanting it. Place the plant back in its regular growing location. Keep the soil evenly moist for the first two weeks after transplanting, and then ease back the watering so that the soil dries slightly before you water again.

Things You'll Need

  • Tarp
  • Larger growing container (4 to 6 inches larger in diameter)
  • Potting soil


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