Amazing Gardening Ideas

If you want to create a garden that is different than most home gardens and can truly be called amazing, you need to do something extraordinary with it. Focal points, areas in the garden that draw that eye, are one way of doing this, but there are plenty of others.


Your garden doesn't need to be enormous to support a maze. Keep the maze at adult-waist height or lower so that it doesn't impede the view of the rest of the garden if you opt for a hedge maze. Understand that hedge mazes require frequent maintenance to keep the paths unobstructed. While you can use the traditional hedges, also consider using flower beds or stones to define your maze, instead. If you use flowers or stones, you can keep the maze near ground level. Meditation mazes, which are circular and have no dead ends, are typically lined with stones instead of hedges, according to "The Amazing Book of Mazes."

Waterfalls and Water Elements

Waterfalls add the element of sound to a garden, with the water rushing and gurgling down stones and into the waiting pool below. Water elements can add a naturalistic feel to gardens, according to Wild Ginger Farm. Turn an unused corner into a focal point and sitting area of your garden by adding a waterfall and pool. Wild Ginger Farm also suggests adding a natural beach to the pool if you otherwise rim it with stones so that animals can climb out of the water more easily. Include a bench or outdoor chair to allow spa-like relaxation.

Bridge and Stream

A stream meandering through your garden can really add expressiveness to your garden and can separate dissimilar areas of the garden. Add a small footbridge to cross the stream. There are several styles of bridges for you to buy or make. One of the most noticeable differences is whether the bridge has handrails. For smaller streams with little to no slope at the banks, a small footbridge with no rails is appropriate. A small footbridge with handrails can be built in two hours, according to Redwood Bridges. Otherwise, you'll want a bridge with handrails.

Butterfly Garden

Attract beautiful butterflies to your garden by growing certain flowers to to attract them. Good butterfly garden flowers include: lilac, lavender, marigold and goldenrod, according to Lavender in particular will lend a pleasant fragrance to your garden.

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