Gardening Tools for Weeding

It's an unfortunate fact: into every garden, some weeds will grow. And, to keep your plants healthy and looking their best, you will have to remove those weeds. Use a three-pronged weeding system, including hand tools, pesticides and personal protection to minimize the drudgery and make short work of weeds so you can enjoy your garden more.

Hand Tools

Having the right tools always makes the job easier, as does durability, so consider quality when shopping, recommends "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Gardening." Must-have tools include a trowel, which is a small shovel; a hand cultivator, which as pronged blades for scratching the soil; scissors, for cutting weeds without pulling; an edger, for creating neat edges around the garden and a watering can, soaker or garden hose to water the garden.

Weed-Killing Tools

Every gardener needs a proven weed killer in his toolbox, either natural or chemical. Natural remedies include either white vinegar from a spray bottle or a few pieces of rock salt applied near the base of the plant; strategically placed newspapers to smother weeds or commercial soap-based products that kill weeds, recommends "Organic Gardening for Dummies." Alternately, there are numerous chemical herbicides on the market for purchase.

Personal Protection Tools

There are numerous personal protection tools every gardener must have when outside weeding, and which are often overlooked--including sunscreen--said Elizabeth Navas Finley and John M. Rickard in "Landscaping with Perennials: Flowering Plants & Shrubs for Home Gardens." Other must-have tools include a hat to shield the sun, a work shirt that can get dirty, work gloves and knee pads, or something soft to kneel on when weeding and to protect your back. Other accessories to make gardening easier include a tool pouch or tote, to keep your tools and seeds at the ready; clogs or boots to navigate muddy terrain.

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