How to Change a Weed Trimmer Head


Weed trimmers edge and landscape hard-to-reach places in the yard effectively. A simple, two-cycle engine that runs on a mixture of oil and gasoline, weed trimmers are usually easy to troubleshoot and repair. One point of contention for many weed trimmer owners involves replacing an old or broken trimmer head, which can break on sidewalks and stones. Knowing the correct steps for removing a weed trimmer head makes this a swift and straightforward repair.

Step 1

Remove the old spool of wire from the trimmer head by pushing down and turning in a counterclockwise direction until your feel it click.

Step 2

Use your socket wrench to remove the retaining nut from the center of the inside of the trimmer head. Remove the bolt and take off the trimmer head.

Step 3

Place a new washer onto the threaded shaft of the trimmer head and spray the area with lubricating oil such as WD-40.

Step 4

Place the new head onto the shaft of the weed trimmer and tighten the retaining bolt in place using your wrench.

Things You'll Need

  • Hex-nut wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • Bolts
  • Work gloves


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