Types of Flowers Used in Bouquets

Floral bouquets, composed of cut flowers, make fragrant gifts for sentimental occasions and events. They also add beauty to a home. Types of flowers used in bouquets vary depending on several factors such as personal taste, stem length, color, texture and scent. From popular fragrant roses to exotic bottle-brushes and orchids, bouquet flowers beautify and spread feelings of love, admiration and sometimes condolences.


The aster flower, a hardy annual, proves to be a long-lasting cut flower with a sturdy, long stem. Colors of the aster flower vary from bright white to deep bold purple with virtually every shade in between. Popular in gardens and bouquets, asters thrive in well-drained soil and direct sunlight. Sow the seeds directly into the ground and enjoy the colorful blossoms within 14 weeks.


Known commonly as "mum" for short, the chrysanthemum displays several fluffy petals in a variety of colors. The perennial plants produce a long, sturdy stem of bright green covered in fine hairs. Each stem produces a single flower that can be cut and added to bouquets. Chrysanthemums also make beautiful additions to wrist and lapel corsages. A springtime favorite, chrysanthemums thrive well in peat-enriched soil in partial sunlight. Symbolizing fidelity, the chrysanthemum often appears in wedding and anniversary bouquets.


Exotic, delicate and elegant, the orchid provides bouquets with an Oriental touch. It ranks high as a houseplant along with other exotic ornamental plants, and symbolizes delicate beauty and longevity, depending on its color. The petals of the orchid display bold, bright and intricate color schemes upon the velvety, pulpy texture, and its leaves are large and deep green. Orchids make ideal wedding bouquet flowers, especially when pink, red and white varieties are incorporated into the arrangement.

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