How to Make a Fresh Flower Corsage


Corsages are typically made up of a few small flowers and worn on either a woman's dress or around her wrist. Although most commonly worn by the mother of the bride or a grandmother, corsages can be used for many different occasions including a prom or Mother's Day banquet. Choosing fresh flowers from your garden will make the corsage even more special, especially when using flowers that have an intoxicating fragrance.

Step 1

Select one to five flowers to create your corsage, depending on the size of your flowers. Fragrant flowers are ideal for corsages. Some popular flowers for corsages include roses, gardenias, orchids, carnations and poppies. Choose flowers that are partially closed when cutting fresh flowers or buying flowers so that they will last longer. If not using immediately, store your cut flowers in a vase of water in the refrigerator no longer than 24 hours.

Step 2

Cut the flower stems to approximately 3 inches long and wrap floral wire tightly around the stems directly under the flower heads. If only using one flower there is no need to wrap wire around the stem.

Step 3

Add filler flowers such as baby's breath or forget-me-not sparingly around the back of larger flowers and between the flowers if desired. Add a few leaves below the flower(s) and wrap wire around to secure the filler flowers and leaves in place.

Step 4

Wrap floral tape around the stems starting below the flower(s) and covering the stems completely. Cut off excess tape and press to secure.

Step 5

Cut 8 inches of ribbon. Hot glue one end of the ribbon underneath the flower(s) and wrap the ribbon down and around the stems. Bring the ribbon over the end and wrap it back up. Cut off the excess ribbon and hot glue the loose end in place.

Step 6

Attach the corsage to the front of a dress or jacket with a pearl-topped corsage pin. The corsage can also be tied around the wrist using a piece of ribbon approximately three times the size of the person's wrist. Tie the ribbon around the corsage stem, place the corsage on the top of the wrist and tie around the wrist, making the ribbon into a bow.

Things You'll Need

  • Flowers
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Corsage pin


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