How to Plant an Avenue of Beech Trees


The beech tree (Fagus) is a slow-growing tree that averages 60 to 70 feet in height and is available in numerous cultivars. The tree will attain a canopy spread of over 50 feet which makes it ideal for an avenue planting. The lifespan of the tree tops 350 years. Beech trees produce an abundance of blue-green foliage during the summer and when autumn approaches the leaves turn a bright, dazzling yellow. The 1-inch round fruits are an excellent wintertime food source for birds. The bark of the tree is smooth and gray in appearance. The tree is commonly planted as an avenue tree in North America and Europe on larger estates.

Step 1

Choose a location that offers full sunlight for the avenue. Beech trees can also be planted in partial shade.

Step 2

Place each beech tree 11 yards apart. Space the trees so they line up perfectly with each other on either side of the avenue. Take a stake and pound it into the ground using a hammer, attach ribbon or rope to the stake and measure out 11 yards. Place another stake in the ground at each 11-yard interval until the avenue is finished. Where each stake is placed, plant a tree.

Step 3

Dig a hole that is twice as large as the beech tree's root ball. The soil should be well draining and contain abundant organic material. If the soil lacks organic material then add peat moss, leaf debris, bark chips, manure or sawdust at a ratio of 50 percent organic material mixed with 50 percent soil.

Step 4

Water young beech trees weekly. The trees adore moist soil but not waterlogged roots. Once the trees are fully established they can withstand periods of minor drought.

Tips and Warnings

  • The beech tree root system often appears above the grass line which can make mowing grass under the trees difficult. Choose a location away from concrete walkways or drives because the beech trees root system is abundant and close to the surface. As the roots grow they will heave upwards and can easily crack concrete or cause sidewalks to be uneven. Beech tree avenues function and look the best when planted alongside gravel or dirt drives and walkways where the trees shallow roots will do no damage.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Organic material
  • Shovel
  • Hammer
  • Wooden stakes
  • Ribbon or rope


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Who Can Help

  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources: American Beech
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