Cheap Garden Gear Ideas

Many people are choosing to garden as a response to the economy. Growing a large garden can be a lot less expensive then buying fresh vegetables throughout the year. If growing your own food makes economic sense, buying a lot of new gardening tools doesn't. There are many cheap and innovative ways to take care of your garden without investing in a large set of tools. Use what you have already around the house to save even more money.

Peat Pots

Gardeners in northern climates often have to start seeds indoors before transplanting seedlings into the garden. Don't invest in expensive peat pots for growing your seedlings. Create small planters by rolling newspaper sheets into cylinders and folding the bottoms under. Add a couple of pieces of tape and you have biodegradable seed starting pots.

Container Gardens

Container gardens are popular with people who don't have a lot of land but who still want to grow some of their food. Buy inexpensive buckets and plastic lined baskets at dollar stores and thrift stores. Even old boots or large olive oil cans can look attractive when planted with flowers. They work just as well as expensive planters, and make an interesting eclectic look when grouped together in a container garden.

Planter Garden Tools

Garden centers carry specialized small tools for use in container gardens. Avoid buying these expensive tiny helpers and raid your kitchen drawers. Old spoons, forks and spatulas work just as well as the professionally made sets, for no additional cost to you.

Weed Control

Many gardeners lay down black plastic between the garden rows to discourage the formation of weeds between their seedlings. Pass on this expensive plan and recycle sheets of newspaper, instead. Lay the paper down between the rows, burying the edges to hold the sheets down. The paper will keep the weeds from sprouting and will biodegrade in your garden row so that you don't have to pull them for storage.


Seeds are the most basic garden gear of all, as they are the beginning of the garden itself. Ask friends and relatives if they are planting a garden this year. Most often, gardeners will not use all of the seeds in the packets that they buy. You may be able to get a lot of your garden seeds for free this way. Split the price of other seed packets with a gardening neighbor to save more money.

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