Types of Burmuda Grass

Bermuda grass (Cynodon spp.) is a popular type of turf grass used extensively in the southern United States. This grass is desirable for its hardiness in full-sun, hot conditions and ability to grow in shallow, salty soil, according to David M. Kopec, a turfgrass specialist with the University of Arizona. Bermuda grass will not grow well in lawns that are constantly shaded or in climates with average summer temperatures of below 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Santa Ana

Santa Ana is a variety of Bermuda grass that thrives in the dry, desert heat of the southeastern U.S. This grass has thick leaves and requires frequent mowing. Santa Ana is smog and pollution resistant and is used on golf courses, sports fields and on home lawns across Arizona.


Mohawk is a variety of Bermuda grass that was developed for transition zones, which are those areas in the south that are further north than the Deep South, and may sometimes experience cold temperatures in the winter. Mohawk is quite cold-resistant but is slower to turn green in the spring after the dormancy period than less-cold hardy varieties. This grass forms a thick, dark-green mat.


Ormand has an attractive, blue-green color and a nimedium texture. It is not too fine or too coarse, although it sometimes produces seed heads. This grass cannot tolerate cold temperatures, but it is very resistant to leaf diseases. For that reason, it is often used in humid or wet areas where fungal leaf spot can be a problem with other grasses.


Tifgreen is a very fine, attractive, delicate grass. The beautiful appearance of the grass makes it a popular choice for upscale golf clubs. Tifgreen is low-growing and spreads rapidly. The grass forms a dense mat that chokes out weeds, but it is also sensitive to dead spots and pollution, so it requires a high amount of maintenance.

E-Z Turf Midiron

E-Z Turf Midiron is a very hardy, medium-textured turf grass with a very attractive, bright-green color. It is desirable for home lawns because of its low care requirements and cold hardiness. Unlike most varieties of Bermuda grass, which should be mowed with a reel mower, E-Z Turf Midiron can be mowed with a rotary motor. Although this grass will go brown (dormant) in the winter, it can be over-seeded with rye grass to maintain a green look all winter long in elevations under 3,000 feet above sea level.

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