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Bouquets are groups of like items with stems. They decorate homes or serve as gifts for friends or loved ones. Bouquets can be gathered with ribbons or placed in a vase or jar. Bouquets dictated by the season are composed of seasonal flowers, while others are created to reflect a theme. Traditionally, bouquets are made of bundled flowers, but with a little creativity, bouquets can be made of other items.


A bouquet of roses is perhaps the most-recognized type of floral bouquet. Bouquets of roses are typically arranged in dozens or half dozens. Different colors of roses symbolize different meanings. Bouquets of red roses indicate romantic love, pink roses mean friendship, and green and blue roses are calming and natural. The addition of fern fronds and baby's breath make a rose bouquet more eye-catching.


Bouquets of wildflowers herald the emergence of spring, showcasing blooms that grow wild. Some examples of flowers for a wildflower bouquet are dianthus, daisies, Indian blanket, corn flowers and poppies, which are all spring-blooming flowers. Historically, wildflower bouquets were tied with a ribbon to keep the bundle together. Today, a wildflower bouquet placed in a vase brings a touch of nature indoors.


A bouquet of a variety of lilies makes a fragrant and eye-catching arrangement. Lilies have long, strong stems that lend themselves to striking bouquets because the stems enable the florist to create a taller arrangement. Calla lilies, star gazer lilies and Easter lilies complement one another in a bouquet. Of course, the height of the lily stems dictates using a tall vase to keep the flowers upright.


Present eco-conscious people with a bouquet of organic flowers. Organically grown flowers are raised without harmful chemicals; only natural, organic pesticides and fertilizers are used. Any flower can be organic if it's grown properly. If you can't find a supplier of organic flowers, consider growing your own. To keep with the eco-friendly theme, present the organic bouquet in a vase made of recycled glass.


Edible bouquets are created with fruits, cookies or candies pierced with bamboo or paper skewers. Skewer fruit or candies with skewers, and dip some of them in chocolate and sprinkles to add color to the bouquet. Paper skewers are baked directly into cookies. Gather the skewers into a bundle and place them into a vase. Brightly colored curling ribbon adds color and dimension to an edible bouquet; consider matching the ribbon to the fruits, candies or cookies in the bouquet.


A flower pot filled with pen "flowers" makes an apropos gift for a teacher or secretary. Wrap the shaft of ballpoint pens with green florist tapes. Affix a silk flower head to the end of each pen with hot glue. Place a bouquet of flowers in various colors in a flower pot wrapped with a grosgrain ribbon. If the gift is for a teacher, find flowers that have petals in the school's colors.

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