Hydrangea Flower Arrangement Ideas

Hydrangeas are beautiful large flowers comprised of simple green leaves and clusters of blooms in white, blue, purple, pink and red. Among the various cultivars available, mopheads and lacecap hydrangeas are preferred by gardeners, landscapers and interior decorators alike. Hydrangeas form beautiful floral arrangements, tantalizing people with their presence, irrespective of whether they are used alone or in combination with other flowers.

Fireplace Arrangement

Prepare a beautiful hydrangea arrangement to decorate an unused fireplace or mantlepiece in the summer, when these flowers are at their best. Use a tall, cylindrical glass vase in colors complementing the blooms--pink vase for pink flowers and blue for blue flowers. Hydrangeas are larger in size than the average flower, so use four or five coupled with two or three white roses. Cut stem length several inches longer than the length of the vase so the blooms protrude from the top. You can even combine different-colored lacecap and mophead hydrangeas with or without roses for a brighter and more colorful arrangement in a clear, tall glass vase.

Basket Arrangement

Create a basket arrangement with hydrangeas that is portable enough to place strategically during a special occasion. Cut floral foam to size and place in a basket. Cut stem length down to 3 or 4 inches and push through the foam at the sides and top to create a rounded arrangement. Use other flowers in the same or different colors such as roses, carnations and daisies as well to add color and texture. Insert stems of foliage such as baby's breath or ferns into visible gaps to cover the foam completely. Decorate the basket with a knotted bow.

Centerpiece Arrangement

Select six or eight hydrangeas in two different colors, ensuring there are an equal number of blooms of each. Hold one bloom of each color firmly in your hand. Add the remaining blooms around these two central ones in turn, ensuring the stems cross each other for a well-rounded arrangement. Secure all the crisscrossed stems with a length of elastic band, trim excess off and lower the arrangement into a small vase filled with water. Trim stem length down to 2 inches and allow the blooms to float in a shallow round or rectangular container along with scented floating candles for a simple yet breathtaking centerpiece arrangement.

Outdoor Arrangement

Create a beautiful hydrangea flower arrangement for an outdoor garden or tea party. Add lacecap hydrangeas around six white or colored roses. Hold the stems firmly while trimming excess length off to suit the height of a shallow, round bowl. Lower the flowers into the bowl and adds stems of greenery around the outer edges of the arrangement for a fuller look.

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