Landscaping Flower Ideas

Nothing adds more color and vibrancy to the garden than a flower. Grown in dozens of shapes, colors and sizes, flowers bring a showy landscape presence to the garden. Some flowers are categorized as perennial and bloom year after year, while others live only a short time as an annual. Nestled within the garden or lining a garden path, flowers create a classic, striking landscape.

Perennial Garden

Perennial flowers need to be planted only once to provide blooms year after year. Evolving each year, the flower grows taller and healthier to provide a constant source of color and texture. To create a classic landscape addition, plant a perennial garden. Perennial gardens need a drought- and heat-tolerant flower like the purple coneflower. Purple coneflowers are one of the toughest perennials and tolerate dry soils and the high temperatures of summer. Their rose and purple petals surround the gold and brown centers to light up a perennial garden. Growing 24 to 36 inches tall, purple coneflowers have an upright, clumping from that helps to fill in a garden. Coneflowers prefer well-drained soils but tolerate a wide range of growing conditions, creating an adaptable flower to grow in a perennial garden.

Annual Flowers

Annual flowers bloom for only a short time before dying at the end of the season. Categorized as warm-or cool-season, annual flowers grow in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, each with distinct growing requirements. A hardy warm-season annual to plant among a landscape is the petunia. Drought-tolerant, petunias grow 6 to 18 inches tall and 12 to 14 inches wide. Petunias produce a rainbow of bright colors and have a trailing, cascading effect that is ideal nestled within a hanging basket. Cool-season annual flowers bloom in fall and winter to bring a much-needed burst of color to the winter landscape. Cool-season annuals require cool climate and soil temperatures and tolerate a light frost. A hardy and colorful cool-season flower is the pansy. Pansies grow in a range of colors including white, yellow, crimson, blue and purple. Their "faces" are bright and showcase a front flowerbed or container.

Spring Bulbs

Spring-blooming bulbs light up the garden with their flowers and foliage. Grown in dozens of varieties, these bulbs are a garden essential. One hardy and ever-lovely spring bulb is the daffodil. Its teacup-shaped flowerhead peeks through winter's layer to welcome spring. Daffodils are grown in dozens of varieties, some with small flowers (miniature daffodils), while others have larger, clustered flowerheads (large-cupped daffodil). Another spring-blooming bulb appropriate for landscaping is the tulip. Its early spring blooms are ideal in mixed borders or lining a garden path. The vessel-shaped bloom of the tulip is grown in double, single, peony and fringed forms, all with their own color choice and size. Some tulips are striped, while others are solid. Nestled along a garden wall or within your perennial bed, spring bulbs provide a warm respite to winter.

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