How to Use a Bamboo Fountain in a Flower Bed


Bamboo fountains can add a soothing quality to any outdoor space. Use a bamboo fountain as a focal point in a flower bed, or nestle one among the plantings to provide visual interest. Select a bamboo fountain to use in a flower bed based on the type of space you have available and the types of plants you are cultivating. Tall bamboo fountains with several tiers stand out as a focal point in a flower bed with low growing flowers, while more petite fountains with short bamboo stalks are pleasant surprises amid an overflowing flower bed.

Tall Bamboo Fountains

Step 1

Stand a tall bamboo fountain in the center of a circular flower bed or one that borders a fence line or the foundation of your house. Tall bamboo fountains may also deter deer and other wild animals from dining in your flower bed.

Step 2

Elevate the bamboo fountain focal point with a brick base. One level of bricks formed in a square base may be all that you need to elevate the fountain in a flower bed with small to medium size flowers. The higher you build the brick base, the more the bamboo fountain will stand out.

Step 3

Fill in around the bamboo fountain with white rock to enhance the visual appeal of the fountain and help it further stand out among the flowers and greenery. The white rocks will also camouflage the brick base, if you used one. If the flower bed is covered with mulch or other types of stone, a section of white landscaping rocks will call attention to the fountain focal point.

Small Bamboo Fountains

Step 1

Nestle one or two small bamboo fountains among the greenery in any size or shape flower bed. The sounds of water flowing may lead visitors to discover the fountain.

Step 2

Place a small bamboo fountain beneath tall flowers such as cannas or phlox to add visual interest to the base of the plants.

Step 3

Clear the area around a small bamboo fountain to increase its visibility. A small bamboo fountain is more noticeable if you place it in an open space in the flower garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Tall bamboo fountain
  • Bricks
  • White rocks
  • Small bamboo fountain


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