Lawn Care Ideas

That stretch of green outside your front door is often the first thing visitors notice. Caring for your lawn requires supplying adequate amounts of nutrients, sunlight and water. In addition to these necessary elements, grass requires trimming and weed removal. Lawns often need treatment to remove pests and diseases. Supply your lawn with the necessary ingredients to encourage healthy growth and protect it against damage. Trim and manicure your lawn to enhance the beauty of your yard.


Care for your lawn by providing it with all the necessary nutrients. Nitrogen stimulates your grass to grow and turn green. This ingredient increases the overall health of your lawn, helping it resist damage from pests and diseases. Apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer early in the spring, between March and April, or wait until later in the year, during October. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when mixing and applying fertilizer to your lawn.

Thatch Removal

Getting rid of the thatch layer in your grass will increase the health of your lawn. This layer of debris accumulates near the surface of the soil and the base of grass blades, creating a welcoming environment for insects and diseases. Check your lawn's thatch layer and remove it when it measures about 1/2 inch thick.


Keep your lawn a little on the tall side to avoid damaging the grass blades. Avoid cutting the grass to a height less than 2 inches. Mow regularly to remove one-third or less of the height of the lawn during a single cutting. Allow the grass clippings to remain on the lawn after mowing. These clippings provide organic matter and nutrients to your lawn.


Aerating your lawn increases the amount of oxygen and moisture available to the roots. Packed soils, especially ones containing heavy concentrations of clay, choke the roots of grass plants. Aeration removes small plugs of grass and soil across your lawn, allowing air and moisture to penetrate to the nearby roots. Aerate your lawn in early spring or early fall.

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