How to Compost Cow Dung


Cow dung, or manure, contains nutrients that are beneficial to the life and development of garden plants. It makes an ideal fertilizer when added to a mix of kitchen compost and other soil enriching ingredients. Composting manure at home is a simple process that can be completed in as little as a week.

Step 1

Add 5 lbs. of sand to the bottom of your compost bin or pit.

Step 2

Cover the sand with a 5-lb. layer of potting soil.

Step 3

Cover the potting soil with a 10-lb. layer of cow dung manure.

Step 4

Cover the manure with the kitchen compost.

Step 5

Cover the compost with the remaining potting soil.

Step 6

Cover the compost bin securely with a suitable lid or black garden plastic.

Step 7

Allow the cow dung compost approximately seven days to cure. Once the seven days is up, dump the contents of the bin into a single pile on the ground.

Step 8

Use the rake to thoroughly mix the contents of the manure compost pile. Break apart large chunks with the rake to further disperse the ingredients together.

Step 9

Leave the cow manure compost uncovered for a day before introducing it to your garden bed or other gardening areas.

Things You'll Need

  • Sand (5 lbs.)
  • Potting soil (10 lbs.)
  • Cow dung (manure) 10 lbs.
  • Kitchen compost (15 lbs.)
  • Compost bin or compost pit
  • Rake
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