Most Aromatic Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add a natural outdoors element, a splash of color with flowers and an aromatic pleasant scent to a household which eliminates the need for air fresheners. There are several varieties of indoor plants that are very aromatic and do not require a lot of maintenance or care.


Gardenias are a popular choice for wedding bouquets, and with good reason. They are delicate, aromatic and beautiful. When grown indoors, they need a sunny spot and do best in large pots since they can grow over 5 feet tall. With large white flowers and shiny dark green leaves, gardenias prefer humid and moist conditions and bloom from late spring to summer. Water so the soil is consistently moist.


Jasmine is commonly planted on trellises walls in landscapes, but can grow indoors in a pot or hanging basket. It smells very sweet and blooms in a variety of colors, such as pink, white, blue and purple, with dark green leaves. They thrive in environments where the temperature is around 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and humid. If in conditions that are hotter than this, there will be little to no blooms. Jasmine will bloom year-round and provides constant fragrance for your household. Ideally they should be fertilized every month to provide maximum blooming.


Lavender is known as a very aromatic flower, but it is actually an herb. There are a couple varieties of lavender that you can choose from for your household. For example, sweet lavender grows the fastest and has the tallest flowers, while Spanish lavender has fatter flowers that resemble a pineapple. Wooly lavender has deep purple flowers, needs the least amount of maintenance and can tolerate dry soil, and French lavender is ideal for drying out and has serrated edges on the leaves. Abriali lavender has the shortest stems, while Fred Boutin lavender has silver leaves.

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