Natural Sprays for Fruit Trees

Insects carry diseases that harm fruit trees. Every year 136,000,000 pounds of pesticide is used for the elimination of insects in gardens and on lawns. Natural sprays for fruit trees are an inexpensive way to prevent insects from feeding on the fruit trees.

Seaweed Spray

Seaweed spray poses a double benefit to fruit trees. First, seaweed spray contains zinc, iron, barium, sulfur, calcium and magnesium--minerals essential to a plant's energy production. Second, seaweed spray naturally repels slugs, making it an excellent spray around the base of a fruit tree.

Soap Spray

Soap is a strong natural insect killer that is entirely harmless to people. Soap acts by melting the insect's waxy coating--causing them to dehydrate. For an added potency, soap can be mixed with some canola oil. The canola oil absorbs into the insect's exoskeleton and smothers them. Soap spray should be applied from both above and below a tree so that both sides of the leaves are covered.

Hot Pepper Sauce

Mites do a great deal of damage very quickly to a tree's foliage and bark. Exterminate and repel future grubs through the use of hot pepper sauce. For a strong treatment, mix together some hot pepper sauce and soap in a gallon of water. Let the mixture sit overnight and spray it onto the plants the next morning. The mixture is harmless to all parts of the plant, but will kill the mites by melting their waxy coating and burning them to death. Even more effective, the hot pepper sauce remains on the tree to prevent future mite damage.

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