How to Use a Brush Mower


A brush mower is a large heavy duty piece of lawn equipment. A brush mower mows similar to a regular lawn mower; it can mow through high grass, heavy brush and can clear moderately overgrown areas. A brush mower, also known as a brush hog, is used to clear land of most growth but must be used properly to be effective. As with a lawn mower, a brush mower can cause serious damage from flying debris after catching something underneath it.

Step 1

Set the brush mower on a flat surface or section of lawn. Back the tractor up to the brush mower because it is easier to bring the tractor to the brush mower. Put the tractor in park (or neutral) to keep it from moving. Turn off the tractor engine.

Step 2

Raise a lift arm on the brush mower even with the lynch pin on the rear of the tractor. Slide the attachment ring from the end of the arm over the lynch pin. Repeat this step with the other lift arm. Attach the arm with the leveler second so the brush mower stays level along the ground. Wire the arms to the tractor where the ring and lynch pin meet to secure the lift arms.

Step 3

Make sure the brush mower is securely attached to the tractor. The lift arms should not have any visible play when pulled upon by hand. Attach the power take-off shaft to the tractor according to the manufacturer's directions.

Step 4

Start the tractor engine. Move the gears out of the park (or neutral) position. Move the tractor forward until you are sure the brush mower is riding properly. Drive the tractor to the end of the work area slowly. Use the same speed to mow that you drive with. Adjust the brush mower using the controls, and make sure you are comfortable with the setup.

Step 5

Walk the work area before mowing. Clear any rocks, or branches which may get tangled underneath the brush mower. Look for stumps which you may need to drive around. Be aware of the clearance of your brush mower before beginning.

Step 6

Mow the work area in parallel lines working either left to right or up and down, depending on the area. Use an up and down direction for hills; use the left to right direction for a flat surface. Move slowly along the surface to ensure an even cut.


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