What Indoor Plants Are Non-Poisonous for Cats?

Raising cats and houseplants in the same space can be a challenge. Cats are often fascinated by indoor plants, and training them not to sample the greenery takes time. Luckily, many indoor plants are non-poisonous for cats.

African Violet

The African violet is a popular indoor plant and is also non-poisonous for cats. Like the cat, the African violet prefers full sun. To keep your cat from viewing an African violet as a free lunch, do not place the plant in or near any of the cat's favorite patches of sunlight.

Chicks and Hens

Chicks and hens is a small succulent that grows well in household planters and does not require much water. Although they prefer full sun, they will grow in light shade. Most varieties of chicks and hens have sharp, tough leaves that cats usually find unappealing.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus, so named because it blooms in late December, is an easy-to-care-for houseplant that is non-poisonous to cats. It also makes a popular holiday gift. Like chicks-and-hens, Christmas cactus has tough leaves and small spines that discourage cats from chewing on it.

Wax Begonia

Wax begonias are safe for cats to eat. They come in a wide variety of colors. Like the African violet, the wax begonia prefers full sun.

Spider Plant

The popular spider plant is harmless to an inquisitive cat. It's also well-suited to indoor growing, as it thrives in indirect light and can stand long periods between watering. Hang spider plants from the ceiling to freshen up your decor and ward off hungry felines.

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