Types of Lilies

The lily is a tough perennial, blooming mainly in the summer and thriving mostly in full sun. The plant is native to many countries, and from these plants, hybrids have been developed. Lilies are available in colors including red, pink, white yellow, orange, purple and mixed. The petals range from trumpet-shaped to bowl-shaped to flat. With the thousands of cultivars available, there is a lily to suit everyone's taste. The lily grows in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 8.

Zone 3 Lilies

Zone 3 lilies are the hardiest. The average low temperature in zone 3 ranges from -40 degrees to -30 degrees F. Native lilies that thrive here include yellow Turk's-cap lily from Turkey and American Turk's-cap lily from the eastern United States, according to "America's Garden Book." Hybrids include the martagon hybrids, which include 'Backhouse' and 'Marhan.'

Zone 4 Lilies

The average low temperature in zone 4 ranges from -30 to -20 degrees F. Native lilies in this zone include the meadow lily from the eastern United States, coast lily and Washington lily from California, Turk's-cap lily from Eurasia, alpine lily from the Maritime Alps in Europe and the tiger lily, which is native to China, but an old favorite in American gardens, according to "Taylor's Master Guide to Gardening." Hybrids for zone 4 include the Asiatics, the largest group of hybrids, and the Aurelian hybrids, which include the lilies 'Black Dragon,' 'Pink Perfection' and 'Golden Splendor.'

Zone 5 Lilies

The average low temperature in zone 5 is -20 to -10 degrees F. Native lilies in this zone include the gold band lily from Japan, the Humboldt lily from California, and the Bolander and Siskiyou lilies from the northwest United States. Hybrid varieties, such as 'Stargazers,' include the Oriental hybrids, which are the easiest to grow and feature large flowers.

Zones 6 to 8 Lilies

The average low temperature in zones 6 through 8 ranges from -10 to 20 degrees F. Madonna lilies, native to the Balkans, do well in zone 6. Easter lilies, one of the most recognizable varieties, are native to Japan and do well in zone 7, according to Texas A&M. Hybrid varieties for the zones include 'Formobel' and 'Fomolongi.'

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