Quick Landscaping Ideas

Although many homeowners enjoy spending vast amounts of time designing and implementing their landscape ideas, others prefer quick and easy landscape plans. Consider the growth habits of different types of plants when designing your landscape and select fast-growing varieties. Save time by substituting ready-made materials for sidewalks and garden paths. Enhance your landscape by taking a few shortcuts that save time and energy while improving your outdoor living spaces.


Trees create a sense of permanency and stability in landscapes. Many of these large landscape plants require years to grow and mature. Choose varieties that display rapid growth and quick maturity. Select varieties like Leyland Cypress to plant along property lines and areas requiring screens. Leyland Cypress rapidly grows to a height around 35 to 40 feet in average soil conditions. Plant Eastern White Pines quickly provide evergreen growth in your landscape. These trees prefer sunny areas with well-drained soils. One of the fastest growing pines, this tree reaches a mature height between 50 and 80 feet in fertile soils.


Quickly cover bare surfaces with sod, rather than grass seed. Sod provides mature grass in areas of new construction. Ensure successful growth of transplanted sod by preparing the existing soil prior to planting your sod. Soil tests accurately diagnose existing conditions and recommend treatments to amend poor soils. Incorporate any necessary soil amendments prior to planting to avoid grass loss later on.


Plant flowers in containers and place these near your entryway or along your sidewalk. These plants quickly add color and beauty to your landscape, while drawing the attention away from less desirable areas of your yard. Select mature plants from a garden center or plant annual varieties from seeds to enjoy blossoms during the current summer season.


Create quick paths by laying down flagstones or paving stones. These stones eliminate the time required for framing and pouring concrete sidewalks. Place these close together to provide quick and easy access to various areas of your yard and landscape.

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