The Best Tropical Plants

Tropical regions throughout the world make up the planet's tropical biome. The plants of the tropical biome range from common foliage and flowering varieties to rare and endangered plants. Whether you're planning an exotic greenhouse garden or you want to incorporate some tropicals with your indoor decor, the best tropical plants can improve the look of your environment.

Amazon Lily

An ornamental tropical plant, the Amazon lily produces hosta-like foliage of deep green and blossoms of white tinged with spring green. The Amazon lily prefers partial sun and partial shade, making it an ideal choice for a trellis bordering plant to accompany climbers such as English ivy and bleeding hearts. Plant Amazon lilies in clusters of four or five at a time to produce thick, full growth of foliage and blossoms throughout the spring and early summer months.

Baboon Flower

Hailing from South Africa, the tropical baboon flower makes for an attractive greenhouse plant, or garden flower in tropical regions. The stems of the baboon flower are spring green, sturdy and long, producing poppy-like flowers of deep royal purple. The innermost center of the flowers fade from purple to crimson red. Plant baboon flowers in containers of humus-enriched potting soil and keep them mulched with wood chips and peat moss. If living in a subtropical or temperate climate, grow the baboon flowers in a greenhouse with other ornamental tropical plants.

Galapagos Oxalis

Found in tropical island environments from Galapagos to the Philippines and all over the planet, the Galapagos oxalis presents itself as a beautiful exotic garden plant. The deep green, creeping foliage nearly resembles that of a standard rose bush, and the blossoms of the plant bloom like violets of varying shades of pink, red and purple. A perennial herb in tropical climates and a hardy annual in subtropical and temperate environments, the Galapagos oxalis provides garden landscapes with extra beauty when grown in shaded, moist areas.

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