Plants for Home Gardens

Home gardens add color and curb appeal to a home lawn. Garden spaces are any shape and size that the gardener desires. Flower beds work well against a home's exterior walls, as well as island gardens that are in the center of a yard, detached from walls. The types of plants that grow in home gardens is almost limitless.


Marigolds are yellow to orange flowers that grow quickly. These flowering plants do well in home gardens and make good bordering plants, delineating the lawn from garden. Marigolds also offer the benefit of repelling mosquitoes and other pests from the garden. Moist, well-drained soil is ideal for marigolds.


Heliotrope is a flowering plant with flowers in white or lavender. This plant was popular a few generations ago, and is regaining popularity. The flowers are fragrant, and are mentioned in Thornton Wilder's "Our Town," when Emily recalls smelling the flowers through her bedroom window. Heliotrope prefers morning light, and burns in afternoon light. For this reason, heliotrope does best when planted on the east side of a home.


Hostas are perennial plants that produce small white flowers atop tall, slender spikes. Hostas come in varieties that include solid green leaves, leaves of light and dark green stripes, and leaves with yellowish stripes. Hostas are hardy plants that grow well in morning light or afternoon shade. If planted on the east side of a home, they belong in full sun; if planted on the west side of a home, they need the shade of larger plants or trees.


Hibiscus is a flowering plant that produces large, showy flowers. This plant grows over 6 feet tall if it is not pruned every year. Because of its size, hibiscus looks best when planted at the rear and center of a home garden. Tropical hibiscus grows well in gardening zones 9 and 10. A hibiscus hybrid--called hardy hibiscus--is cold hardy in zones 5 through 8. The plant grows in regions north of zone 5 during the summer, and winters indoors. Gardeners north of zone 5 would do well to plant their hardy hibiscus in containers to make the twice-yearly transition easier.


Mandevilla is a flowering plant that produces brightly colored, trumpet-shaped flowers. The mandevilla is a vining plant that produces climbing runners. Mandevilla adds color to a home garden. This plant makes an exceptional focal point in the garden, when it grows up a trellis or chain-link fence.

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