Different Ways to Make Edging Around Flower Beds

Flower beds add charm and curb appeal to the landscape and may provide a source of cut flowers for floral arrangements or for drying to use in wreathes. An edging can create a crisp distinction between the flower bed and lawn and prevent grass roots from entering the flower bed or mulch from getting into the lawn. Gardeners can opt for either natural or manmade options for edging around flower beds.

Brick, Stone or Paver

Hard materials such as bricks, stones or pavers can provide a long-lasting edging. Brick, large stones or pavers can be laid as a single row at ground level or can be stacked. Imbed bricks or pavers into the ground with their top sides flush with the ground level, creating an easy surface over which the mower can run.

Landscape Edging

Landscape strips of thin plastic or metal about 6 inches tall can be inserted into the ground around the flower bed. These inexpensive strips can keep grass roots out of the flower bed. Dig a trough and insert the landscape strip. The top of the landscape strip will be at ground level, so the mower can run over the strip.


Thin wire, painted or unpainted pickets, or plastic picket fences less than 2 feet high may keep out small animals, discourage foot traffic through the flower bed and create a decorative border. This type of fence is typically pushed into the ground by hand, making it easy to remove or relocate.


A concrete curb with curves or straight lines can be laid to a desired height. Stain the concrete to give it an appearance of more expensive products such as stone. Concrete creates a permanent edging.


Low spreading flowers, such as perennials that return each year, can create a live edging around the flower bed. Choose flowers that grow less than 12 inches tall, such as candytuft with its spring to summer white blooms, periwinkle with spring pink or white blooms or dwarf coreopsis with yellow blooms summer to fall.

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