Most Exotic Flowers

Exotic flowers are those rare pearls of nature that are prized throughout the world for their beauty and fragrance. These flowers grow in their countries of origin and are brought to other countries accidentally or on purpose, which is why they are also called alien or non-native plants. Each breathtaking flower enhances interest and appeal of an onlooker.

Birds of Paradise

Botanically called Stelitzia reginae, Birds of Paradise or Crane Flowers resemble a bird in flight and are known to be one of the most exotic flowers anywhere in the world. With dense green foliage resembling banana leaves and blue-green leaves with a red midrib, these flowers have bright orange petals that bloom in succession from September to May. Each magnificent flower includes three brightly colored blue petals and three orange sepals. Native to South Africa, this plant that grows up to 4 feet tall is a favorite of landscapers and grown in many countries across the globe in greenhouses.


Native to South America and the Caribbean, Amaryllis are bulbous flowers in colors of red, pink, orange or white. These perennial flowers that are prized for their color and beauty are now grown in flatlands of tropical and subtropical countries. The stems bearing these flowers are straight and hollow, with two to five blooms at the apex. Each flower bloom is 15 to 20 centimeters wide and consists of three brightly colored outer sepals and three equally bright inner petals.


Among the most exotic flowers, gardenias are fragrant flowers with white glossy petals and deep green leaves and are native to tropical and subtropical regions. They require high humidity and bright but indirect light, which is why it is difficult to grow them in all parts of the world. These flowers grow alone or in small clusters on small evergreen shrubs. They not only decorate a spot with their presence, but have a fragrance that stretches several feet away. Gardenias symbolize purity and love due to their creamy-white blooms.


Yucca plants belong to the lily family, with clusters of drooping bell-shaped white flowers and stiff, sword-shaped leaves. They grow in the southern United States, Mexico and Central America. The fiber of some cultivars is used for making rope, while the pods of other species are used as soap. The yucca mother fertilizes the flowers, carrying the pollen from the stamens of one plant to the stigma of another. Many gardeners grow them as ornamental plants.

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