Ideas for Sympathy Arrangements

You can show your heartfelt sympathy for the loss of a friend or loved one by designing or ordering a floral arrangement for the bereaved. You can send flowers to the funeral home before the visitation hours or to the family home at any time when you learn of the loss. It is also appropriate to send sympathy flowers to the office of the business of the deceased.

Baskets and Vases of Flowers

You can design a floral arrangement with garden flowers or order a professional sympathy piece from a florist. Sympathy arrangements can be made in ceramic containers, glass vases or baskets. Flowers can consist of a single type such as a rose bouquet or a mixture of garden or seasonal blooms. A simple stem of an elegant flower such a rose, lily or orchid can be set into a nice bud vase. Blossoms can also be placed into floral tubes and set into the soil of a plant for a pleasing display. Large sympathy arrangements are constructed with gladiolus, roses, mums, lilies, carnations and filler flowers. They may be placed in papier mache vases, fireside baskets and deep glass or ceramic dishes for floor or table displays.

Custom-made Sympathy Arrangements

Floral arrangements for military members are generally made with red, white and blue flowers. Emblems can be custom ordered for a military, public servant, church or club member. Flowers can be picked or attached to foam forms in the shape of a badge, cross, fish, Maltese cross or other symbol that signifies an important part of the life of the deceased. These types of sympathy pieces are for funerals or cemetery displays.

Live Plants

A container garden of mixed plants can be made from your indoor or greenhouse plantings for a sympathy piece that can be delivered to the funeral home and later displayed at the family home. Mums, cyclamen, poinsettias, small trees, holiday cactus and miniature rose plants can be placed into baskets or ceramic containers for the home or office. A wreath of live plants can be made for a cremation urn table display or to hang on a door.

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