What are the Popular Flowers Used for Weddings?

Brides must consider several things when selecting flowers for wedding bouquets, centerpieces, arrangements and boutonnieres. Concerns range from cost to availability; intensity of fragrance; color scheme; style such as casual, traditional, or elegant; and even symbolism. With all these considerations, certain flowers remain the most popular choices for weddings.


Roses are the most popular and traditional of all wedding flowers. The rose's myriad hues fit into most color schemes. Color determines the symbolism with red signifying love and passion and white representing purity and innocence. Combinations of red and white roses signify unity. Scents also vary from nonexistent to extremely fragrant. Although fairly expensive at the florists, picking roses from your flower garden is an affordable option.

Calla Lilies

These lightly fragrant flowers represent magnificent beauty. The calla lily's trumpet shape and long stems complement formal events. The flowers are often incorporated into arrangements and bouquets. Smaller calla lilies work well as boutonnieres and in nosegays. Common colors of these relatively expensive tropical spring and summer flowers are ivory, yellow, burgundy, orange and mauve.


Very traditional in bouquets and boutonnieres, stephanotis is mildly scented. Mid-priced and available year round, the stephanotis star-shaped, small, white flowers represent marital bliss.


Tulips are available year-round in a multitude of colors with pricing based on the type. Dutch tulips are quite affordable, whereas the long stems and tapered blooms of classic French tulips bring a higher price. Tulips denote consuming love; however, different colors also have their own meanings. Red is a declaration of love, while yellow stands for being hopelessly in love, and cream symbolizes everlasting love.

Lily of the Valley

Another traditional wedding flower, this tiny, yet highly scented, bell-shaped blossom symbolizes happiness. Most notable as spring and summer flower, the lily of the valley is available year-round but tends to be expensive. Most lilies of the valley are white, but light pink is also available.


Clusters of tiny flowers form these large-headed blooms that are used mainly in spring and fall weddings. The most popular wedding choice in terms of color is blue but this expensive flower is also available in white, green, pink, burgundy and purple. In Victorian times, hydrangeas symbolized vanity.


The tropical orchid is often found in wedding bouquets. This expensive, imported, delicate flower symbolizes love and beauty.


Lovely in bouquets as well as arrangements, the lightly scented peony is available in a number of colors with the most popular being white, red and pink. This expensive flower symbolizes bashfulness and is primarily available in late spring and early summer.

Other popular options:

Popular, affordable options include scentless daises, petite hyacinths, bright-yellow daffodils or fragrant sweet peas, an old-fashioned flower found in a variety of colors. Fragrant stock and scentless baby's breath are inexpensive fill for bouquets and arrangements. Lightly fragrant or scentless carnations are available year-round and the ones symbolize love. Scentless mums are also available year-round and come in various sizes and colors. Long and short-stemmed varieties of sunflowers make excellent fall bouquets and arrangements. You can substitute roses and peonies with lightly scented, multi-pedaled ranunculus, which can also be used in boutonnieres and nosegays.

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