Ideas for Landscaping Your Home

Grown in dozens of varieties, each with its own distinct shape, color and size, plants and flowers create a classic landscape presence. Many flowers and plants are perennial, meaning they come back each year, while other flowers are annual and bloom for only one season. Tucked along a stone path or flanking a trickling water feature, plants add vibrant bursts of color to a garden.

Plant Containers

Flower- and plant-filled containers nestled among the garden, patio and landscape is an ideal landscape design for small and large spaces. With the ability to create bold and colorful containers using perennial and annual flowers, you create a showy landscape presence that is easily changed out each season. To create a long-lasting container, use perennial flowers like coneflowers and verbena inside the container. Add trailing plants like nasturtium along the front and sides. Nasturtium is an annual flower that blooms in summer to last until the first frost in early fall. Nasturtium is striking tucked inside the front of the container to drape over and around the landscape. The bright blooms on nasturtium grow in red, yellow, orange and salmon. A butterfly attractant, the fragrant, showy flowers on nasturtium have a mounding form and rapid growth rate. As a bonus, nasturtium flowers are edible and have a sharp, peppery taste.

Garden Path

Connect areas of the landscape together using a garden path. Leading to and from a backyard pergola or patio, garden paths beckon you out for a stroll. They also provide a respite while pruning and harvesting nearby beds. Garden paths made from durable stone like flagstone or slate make for long-lasting paths. The earth colors of slate--gray, brown and blues--are subtle, but when wet, deepen to jewel-like shades. Nestled along the landscape, a 2- to 3-foot-wide path is an ideal size that allows enough room for gardening equipment like wheelbarrows. Grow low-growing flowers like blue star creeper and sedum along the garden path border. Blue star creeper has delicate, tiny blue flowers that emerge in spring to light up the path. Both plants also help to define and trace each stone with their striking foliage.

Water Feature

With its calm, trickling sound echoing in the garden, a water feature creates a relaxing landscape presence. Made in dozens of sizes, shapes and colors, water features attract birds and other winged wildlife to the garden for the quintessential garden feel. Features like a container water fountain are an ideal size for most landscapes. Nestled among a perennial flowerbed or garden path, they enhance surrounding plantings in the garden. Add water-loving plants like ferns and hostas around the water feature. Lush and vibrant, these hardy plants enjoy the overspray from the fountain while creating a jungle-like feel to the landscape.

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