Ideas for Funeral Flowers

Flower arrangements are often used at a funeral service. These arrangements are different from sympathy floral arrangements that are sent to the family of the deceased. Funeral flower arrangements mostly consist of flowers that are white or light in color, although some brightly colored blooms are also used. Select a flower arrangement depending on your relationship to the deceased.

Close Family

A casket spray is a large flower arrangement usually provided by the family or family member closest to the deceased person. This arrangement is made from roses, lilies, daisies, carnations or other flower combinations, along with foliage. It can also be personalized by adding the deceased's favorite flowers. These sprays vary in size, from covering a quarter of the casket to the entire length, although most common sprays cover half the casket. Immediate family members may also choose to have wreaths made in honor of the deceased, bearing his or her name. Floral crosses are also made to order, perhaps made up of orchids, lilies or carnations. Although these arrangements are available at a florists in a combination of flowers ranging from small to large, it is possible to have them custom made to your specifications.

Distant Relative

Relatives usually arrange for the decoration at the funeral service that includes wreaths or altar-top sprays made with single- or multi-colored flowers. Each branch of the family can take a pot home and decorate in their home, or transplant outside in their backyard. You can also pay tribute to the deceased with a funeral cushion, or a personalized bouquet on an easel. A corsage pinned to the inner lining of the casket or a garland of fresh flowers placed inside is also a way of saying goodbye.

Friend or Co-worker

Friends of the deceased may pay tribute in the form of a funeral spray. These arrangements lie flat on the coffin or grave and can be made with any type of flower. Personalize it by using blooms that honor the memory of the deceased, such as his or her favorite flower or favorite color. Circular funeral posies made with a combination of flowers are also a preferred way to pay tribute to a deceased colleague or friend. You can also send flowers to the house of the deceased before or after the ceremony to offer sympathy and your support.

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