Romantic Flower Ideas

Expressing feelings through flowers is an ancient practice. The Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Victorian eras all record the giving of flowers as special meaning. In Greek mythology, gods and goddesses were transformed into flowers and the flowers then represented the spiritual characteristics of these mythological characters. In Queen Elizabeth I's reign, flowers conveyed meanings like "marigolds for marriage" and "cowslips for council." Roses are thought to be the most romantic flower, but there are many good choices for expressing your feelings of love.


White roses express purity of love, and red roses say passion. Both flowers together mean complete love. Pink roses have a youthful, innocent meaning, often used to convey love to a younger person. Pink also carries the meaning of gratitude and deep appreciation. Yellow roses tell of a cheerful loving feeling. Giving a thorn-less rose is said to express love at first sight.

Orchids and Lilies

Once considered extremely exotic and hard to find, orchids are now a popular flower for a romantic message. They make a lasting impression. Good choices include a spray of phalaenopis or dendrobium in colors ranging from white to purple. The classic cattleya corsage orchid comes in many shades of purples, white combinations with purple, and red. Orchids can be strikingly beautiful expression of romantic feelings. Lilies say romance in a simple, elegant way. They have always symbolized purity. Lilies have been cultivated and represented in artwork for more than 3,000 years.The scarlet lily is said to convey high-souled aspirations.

Tulips and Daisies

The color of the tulip blossom given expresses different romantic messages--red for love and pink for imagination--but a mixed bouquet of colors always says happiness. A yellow tulip means hopeless love. Pure white daisies express innocence, purity, faith, cheer and simplicity. Pulling single daisy petals off the flower one at a time symbolizes love.

Forget-Me-Nots and Daffodils

Forget-me-nots are an old fashioned flower that means, "I love you truly," and "good memories." It is a good choice to give someone you have loved for a long while. Daffodils symbolize the beauty and faithfulness of the sun. Their symbolic message is "the sun is always shining when I am with you."

Carnations and Gardenias

When you give a red carnation, it means your heart aches for another. Pink carnations convey innocent love and purity. White carnations are traditionally associated with remembering what has passed, so stay away from them as a romantic flower. Gardenias are very fragrant and make a lasting impression. Give a gardenia when you want to say, "You're lovely," or "I am your secret love."

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