Fall Floral Arrangement Ideas

Autumn leaves are the classic foundation for any fall floral arrangement. Who can argue with an array of bright red, yellow and orange leaves? But there are creative ways to enhance the leaves and there are also a variety of other ideas that evoke the season. Fall brings to mind images of school children beginning a new year, harvests, crisp weather and fall holidays--these images can all provide the inspiration for fall floral arrangements.

Fall Leaves and Other Natural Foliage

You can use either large or small fall leaves in all sorts of arrangements, from an array of leaves scattered on the table with harvest vegetables placed on top of them to a simple leaf bouquet. Colored corn, mini pumpkins, colorful winter squashes, bright apples, cinnamon sticks and whole nuts all make wonderful table arrangements; they can be placed in bowls or baskets or just set on top of scattered leaves. Rose hips are also colorful additions to any bouquet and with their long stems, they can be added to bouquets with tall flowers. Craft stores carry artificial leaves and rose hips if you are not able to find any real ones in your neighborhood.

Fall Vases

Pumpkins are of course associated with Halloween, but they are also one of the quintessential fall vegetables and you can use them throughout the fall season. Hollowed out pumpkins, both large and small, make great vases for either dry or wet floral arrangements. Local craft stores carry fall cornucopia baskets you can fill with pumpkins, corn and winter squash spilling out. To suggest a back-to-school theme, use a lunchbox or toy school bus for a unique vase. Use raffia or twine instead of ribbon around your vase to suggest the fall harvest.

Fall Flowers

Flowers in red, orange, yellow and brown colors are especially appropriate in fall flower arrangements. You can use flowers that actually bloom in the fall such as chrysanthemums and asters, but you can also choose any flowers from the fall palette to create the autumn atmosphere. Use orange roses, for instance, with burgundy chrysanthemums and yellow gerbera daisies.

Fall Mementos

Glue small seasonal items such as scarecrows, witches or turkeys onto wooden skewers to add to any floral arrangements. Or simply place such items underneath or around floral arrangements to create a seasonal effect. Fabric tablecloths or place mats with fall colors make a good backdrop for fall mementos and flowers.

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