Creative Flower Arranging Ideas

Flower arrangements are an easy way to brighten up any room of the house. Whether you use fresh flowers with an enticing aroma, or silk flowers that will last a lifetime, you can put together an interesting arrangement to complement any style or decor. For a fresh and interesting display, consider incorporating a few creative ideas that depart from the traditional glass vase and mixed flower bouquet.

Creative Containers

Before you spend extra money on supplies for your flower arrangements, consider using creative containers found in your own home. Even homeowners with nary a vase to their name can come up with an excellent vessel for a flower arrangement. Begin with the kitchen cabinet and seek out teacups or teapots with interesting designs. Glass decanters, vials and even beakers make for eye catching displays. Wine bottles or colored glass soda bottles stripped of their labels are perfect for simple arrangements with just one or two stems. Even empty jars from spaghetti sauce or cans from vegetables can be cleaned and made into a creative container for your flower arrangements. A collection of any of the above items in varying shapes, sizes and colors will be extremely striking.

Edible Features

Most people think only of blossoms and leaves when putting together a flower arrangement. For a creative twist on the traditional bouquet, consider incorporating a few fruits or vegetables into your design as well. A series of asparagus stalks around the perimeter of your flower arrangement can create a kind of container in and of itself, secured with a ribbon or twine. Hollow pumpkins or gourds make seasonal containers for a fall arrangement. A branch with bright berries on it will look stunning in an arrangement of white flowers. Combine flower blossoms and fresh fruit such as lemons or limes in a bowl for a fresh summer design.

Exotic Selections

Whether you have easy access to tropical flowers, or you live far from this sort of exotic fare, you can incorporate brightly colored island blooms into your flower arrangements with a little resourcefulness. If tropical flowers are difficult to find in your area, opt for silk flowers for this project and you'll have a display that invokes images of luxurious island resorts year round. Hibiscus flowers are an easy go-to for a tropical look. The bird of paradise is another classic tropical bloom that will look stunning in an exotic flower arrangement. The flower of the bird of paradise has an uncanny resemblance to the head of a brightly colored tropical bird. Anthuriums are another creative choice that evoke the tropics. These plants have a broad, flat flower with a distinct spike protruding from the center. Gather a collection of bright exotic flowers in a teal or aqua colored vase and your living room can look like the lobby of a Hawaiian resort.

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