Wedding Ideas Using Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are a good cut flower, long-lasting and available in nearly all colors except purple and blue. The flowers are from 4 to 5 inches across with long, straight stems. Gerbera daisies are not difficult to grow and are economically priced if purchased. Since gerbera daisies are large, only a few of them are needed when combining with other flowers such as roses, carnations or chrysanthemums. All of these characteristics mean Gerbera daisies are ideal for weddings.


A hand-tied bunch of Gerbera daisies make a beautiful, if somewhat informal, bridal bouquet. Gather the daisies so the flowers are all at the same height. Tie the bunch with heavy string. Cut the stems to 12 inches and then wrap with ribbon to within 4 inches of the bottom of the stems. Place the stems in jars filled with a few inches of water. Bridesmaids carrying a single gerbera tied with ribbon complement the bride's gerbera daisy bouquet. Arrange the daisies in a basket filled with floral foam for junior bridesmaids and flowers girls.


Five stems of daisies with greenery will fill a low vase. Add even more color by placing the vase on two squares of colored tissue paper. Bring the tissue paper up and tie around the lip of the vase. Fluff out the tissue paper to make sure the daisies can be seen over the top. Buy potted gerbera daisy plants and paper pot covers. Use these instead of floral arrangements as centerpieces. When the wedding reception is over, save the plants for the bride and groom to plant in their new home. Cut the stems of the daisies to 1 1/2 inches long. Place in votive candle holders filled with water. Place on tables around a fat pillar candle in the center. Buy clear, tall vases at a discount or second hand store. Fill the bottom of the containers with a layer of glass marbles. Place three gerbera daisies in each vase. Each daisy should be at a different height. Fill the bottom of the vase with a few inches of water.

Tall Arrangements

The stems of gerbera daisies aren't usually more than 24 inches long. If you require a tall arrangement, let the vase provide the height. The daisies will sit at the top of the vase. Cut the stems to 12 inches long and tie a big bow around the outside of the vase to cover where the stems end. Vases in three different heights used together provides an ample arrangement.

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