How to Change a Weedeater String


Changing the string on your Weedeater is fairly easy to accomplish. Changing the string is required often with heavy usage. Use the correct string and parts in accordance with your Weedeater's instructions. Refer to your owner's manual for specifications of the string line. Removal of all grass and debris from your Weedeater will ensure proper functioning.

Step 1

Electric Weedeaters need to be unplugged before any work is performed. Gas Weedeaters require the spark plug wire that is located on the motor housing (directly up from the throttle trigger) to be disconnected before any work is performed. It is imperative to ensure that this step is done before you continue changing the string on your Weedeater.

Step 2

Remove the spool located at the bottom of the trimmer shaft. Push down directly on the spool and turn clockwise. Since the spools are spring-loaded, the spool will spring upward. Remove the spool completely.

Step 3

Twist the top of the spool and the bottom of the spool in opposite directions to take the spool apart. A small spring will be inside your spool. Remove any old string or debris from inside the spool. Take the tip of your new string and thread the string into the center of your spool. Through the first hole on the side of the spool bring the string out of the spool. Leave about 2 inches of extra string. Coil the remaining string around the center of the spool until you have about 16 feet of string spooled. Take the string that you coiled and thread the string through the second hole on the other side of the spool.

Step 4

Locking clips are on most Weedeaters. The locking clip will not permit the string to move freely once it is strung through the holes on the spool. Locking clips hold the string in place. Align the spring with the center of the top piece of the spool and twist the spool back together. This step will reassemble your spool. The spool will snap back in place.

Step 5

Push the spool down on the shaft of your Weedeater. Turn the spool clockwise until you hear it snap. This step reattaches your spool to your weed eater. Test the spool slowly to ensure it was installed properly.

Things You'll Need

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  • Weedeater string


  • Weedeater Parts: How to String a Weed Eater
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