Kinds of Japanese Flowers

The islands of Japan are home to a variety of flowering plants because of the variation in the region's climates. From humid and tropical to cold and temperate, Japan features several types of soils and growth conditions in which flowers thrive beautifully. The flowers of Japan offer beauty and aroma to every region of the islands, from delicate cherry blossoms to the lush foliage of the jungles.

Butterfly Bush

Also known as the summer lilac, the butterfly bush hails from northwestern Japan and China. Thriving in warm, humid climates, the butterfly bush dies in cold weather and is considered an invasive species in some parts of the United States and Europe. The plant produces wispy, grass-green foliage and long stems on which the spike-like pink flowers bloom. Similar in appearance to African boxwood, butterfly bush adds beauty as ornamental border plant in Asiatic garden scenes in tropical and subtropical climates.

Japanese Camellia

A flowering shrub native to Japan, Korea and other parts of Asia, the Japanese camellia produces deep-green waxy foliage and vibrant red blossoms. It is also the state flower of Alabama, thriving in the rich, warm southern soil. Adding Japanese camellia to your garden as a border bush adds beautiful splashes of deep red, white or pink to the environment. The plant requires plenty of compost and peat moss to enrich the soil in which it grows.

Pearly Everlasting

With alternative names such as western everlasting, pearly everlasting hails from Japan and parts of North America. The delicate spring-green stems of the plant produce sporadically placed clusters of puffy white and yellow flowers. Considered a weed in some regions, pearly everlasting makes for an interesting addition to a lawn-scape to provide a touch of Asian appeal as a ground cover. It thrives in loamy soil in temperate regions as an annual springtime flower.

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