How to Grow Cedar Trees


There is a cedar tree variety that can be grown in almost every USDA zone. Cedar trees often are used in landscaping for wind buffers, hedges and screening. Selecting the appropriate cedar variety for your zone is essential. Once established, your cedar tree will be easy to care for and resistant to insects and diseases.

Easy Care

Step 1

Plant cedar trees where they will receive at least six hours of sunlight each day.

Step 2

Supplement the soil around the cedar with the addition of compost if the soil is heavy clay.

Step 3

Water the tree so that the soil stays moist but not waterlogged.

Step 4

Place 3 to 5 inches of mulch around the cedar tree. Apply the mulch in a 3- to 5-foot wide circle around the tree.

Tips and Warnings

  • Cedar trees will grow in just about any well-draining soil. However, if the soil is heavy with clay, the cedar's roots will have difficulty growing without the addition of compost.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch
  • Compost-optional
  • Shovel


  • Cedars for the Usable: Planting and Care of Cedar Trees
  • Degroot's Nurseries: Growing Cedar Trees

Who Can Help

  • British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Lands: Dying Cedar Trees - What is the Cause
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