How to Restring a Homelite Weed Wacker


A Homelite string trimmer uses a monofilament line to cut weeds and grass in difficult-to-reach areas that mowers can't reach. With regular use, a Homelite trimmer's string line will wear and break, requiring you to replace it periodically. You can purchase replacement line at the same location you purchased your trimmer, and replace it easily on your own.

Step 1

Disconnect the spark plug by pulling the boot off the end of it to prevent accidents.

Step 2

Place the string trimmer on a flat surface such as a garage floor before changing the trimmer line.

Step 3

Turn the spool retainer on the end of the hub counterclockwise for Trimlite and Trim 'n Edge models. Turn the spool retainer clockwise for Easy Reach models. Loosen the spool retainer completely and pull off of the hub.

Step 4

Grasp the spool and pull it straight off of the hub. Turn the spool over so that the spring on the underside of the spool points upward. Leave this spring in place. Notice that the spool is divided by a plastic wall into two chambers.

Step 5

Remove the remnants of line from your spool and cut two fresh lines that are 9 feet long using a utility knife.

Step 6

Insert the first line into the anchor hole in the top chamber of the spool. Wind the line around the spool in the directions that the arrows indicate. Place the end of the line in the notch on the upper side of the spool. Allow 6 inches of string to trail out of the spool beyond the notch.

Step 7

Insert the second line into the anchor hole in the lower chamber of the spool and wind the line in the direction that the arrows indicate. Place the end of the line in the notch on the lower side of the spool opposite the spring. Allow 6 inches of string to trail from the spool.

Step 8

Turn the spool back over so that the spring faces downward, and place it back over the shaft of the hub. Thread each piece of line through the eyelets on the sides of the hub. Pull the strings to release them from the notches on the spool.

Step 9

Turn the spool counterclockwise until it won't turn anymore. Rotate it clockwise a little. This should lock it into the hub. Screw the spool retainer back on. Pull the strings again to rotate the spool into cutting position.

Things You'll Need

  • String trimmer
  • Replacement line
  • Utility knife


  • Bob Vila: Fixing Yard Trimmers
  • Manuals Online: Homelite Operator's Manual 25cc String Trimmer

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