Bamboo Planting Tips

Bamboo plants are versatile evergreens that can grow up to two feet a day in optimal growing conditions. With approximately 1,500 known species of bamboo living throughout the world, bamboo plants are available commercially in an impressive range of colors and styles. Planting a bamboo properly is the first step to ensure a healthy and long lived plant.


Bamboo plants prefer loamy soil with moderate acidity levels. If you have soil that is clay-heavy or highly compacted, loosen the soil before planting your Bamboo. This can be done easily by breaking up the soil with a gardening spade. If you are anticipating a full grove however, you may need a tractor or a backhoe. Dig a hole for your bamboo plant that is deep enough to fully cover the roots, being careful not to expose the roots to air for too long. Soaking the planting hole with water, a nitrogen high fertilizer and organic material will help your plant get a healthy head start.


If you're planting multiple bamboo plants, keep the planting holes at least 4 feet apart. Bamboo plants planted 4 feet apart will eventually form a dense screen as their branches and foliage develop. Research your bamboo species to learn how far the branches will extend and how close to plant them in order to suit your needs. When placing Bamboo, consider the amount of sun it needs. Some bamboo species are fragile in their early growth and need protection from the sun while establishing their roots, while others prefer as much sun as possible.


Bamboo plants need lots of water to establish their roots. If you plant your bamboo during the summer or during a dry spell, water deeply at least once a week for the first month, longer if the plant is straggling. Each plant should have at least one gallon per watering, and plants over a 5-gallon pot size should have more than a gallon. Avoid watering for more than a few minutes however. Too much water can cause new leaves to drop.

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